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Adventure Photography On Location – Iceland EP01

So after many weeks and countless hours of preparation and thanks to the help of Olympus AU I’ve finally made it to Iceland. And in the very first episode of the new video series: Adventure Photography On Location I’m taking you along from Budapest to Iceland all the way into a canyon on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in the far west of Iceland.



The Balkans – A Month In Review

Last month was supposed to be a month off. No work. Just hang out and enjoy the ride. – I shot 2957 photos… and I don’t even feel guilty about it! Click here to find out why…


The Nomads Bus

The Nomads Bus

Almost 2 years ago I heard about this Belgian couple who had imported an american school bus from the USA to Belgium and planned on converting it into a pow and wave chasing hostel on wheels. A few weeks ago I turned it into a double passion project.


Natur Water and Light Expo

Expo: Natur Wasser und Licht. A success!

On Thursday the 26th of May 2016 I opened my first personal exhibition in the my hometown of St. Vith in Belgium. With over 150 people attending the vernissage I couldn’t have wished for a better outcome! Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and took a look at my work from the past few years. It was incredible for me to be able to share my passion with the people I hadn’t seen in a few years and seeing the interest and fascination for my rather exotic passion just blew me away.



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