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Paragliding Big Sur

Social Media is a strange thing. Sometimes it feels like you’re fighting for likes, shares, comments and numbers, then other times it becomes the very best platform to connect and link up with the best people possible.
Last weekend was one of those occasions where it proved to be the gateway to something new and exciting!.

I stumbled across a comment by Cromac O’Brian saying he’d be flying in Big Sur this weekend. I got curious and got in touch with him and it turns out he’s a passionate adventurer and paraglider. After a short conversation it was obvious I was going to be going to Big Sur for the weekend and shoot whatever was going to be happening there. If I could score a ride paragliding over California’s most impressive piece of coastline that was a bonus of course.

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The Underwater Model Shoot

Shooting models underwater was something I had never tried before. And it was definitely a challenge!
Follow along on this special photo story and find out about the difficulties and problems we encountered, what equipment was used and how we edited the images to create an ‘out-of-this-world’ feeling to them.

We were camping at a place that had this long pier across the shallow reef which lead to a much deeper section of the ocean. And as we went snorkeling around Raiatea – an island in French Polynesia – we immediately noticed the clarity was beyond…

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How to change the surf movie industry.

Every now and then something comes along and just blows everyone’s mind. Sets a new standard. Takes creativity and the way we think about everything to a new level.

The new movie about John John Florence is one of those things.

Probably the best thing I’ve seen since sliced bread…

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California Road Trip

Did you know that in California, with 8 free days and a fully decked out van it is frowned upon to not go on a road trip.

And so I did.

Inspired by the amazing imagery I’ve been seeing and working with at Chris Burkards studio over the past month I set out to capture my own version of the Californian epicness that Yosemite, Death Valley and the connecting roads have to offer.
With my trusted E-M1 and a couple of lenses the hunt for breathtaking views, golden light and empty spaces was on…

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The Chris Burkard Internship

I know how to use a camera, I’ve never really touched anything but full manual mode. So why the heck am I doing an unpaid internship that required me to move to from Sydney to California?
Because I love photography and I want to learn what it takes to make this passion of mine something I can live off.
When it comes to learning new things there is nothing better than placing yourself on that hard school bench again. Shut your mouth, do what you are told and learn from the…

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Billabong Pro 2015 Tahiti

In August 2015 the World Surf League took over the famous surf spot Teahupoo in Tahiti for a few days to hold one of the most exciting surf competitions on the planet, the Billabong Pro.
I made a selection of 40 images of the WSL Billabong Pro 2015 in Tahiti for you to enjoy. Have fun watching!

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