Adventure Photography On Location is a video series where I take you along with me on photography adventures all around the world.
Photography doesn’t always go according to plan, and images aren’t always perfect. This is my honest and open behind the scenes look into what I do as an adventure, outdoor and travel photographer.

Join me as I show you how I capture the images and what kind of work goes into them behind the camera.

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Faroe Islands Workshop

Faroe Islands Photography Journal (APOL EP37-38-39)

In April 2018 I had the opportunity to travel back to my favourite place on earth. A wild, little group of 18 islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Tucked away half way between Scotland and Iceland, not even a dot on the world map. The Faroe Islands. I spent a week-long exploring the…

Scotland Roadtrip

Scotland Photography Packlist + Photos (APOL EP32-33-34)

I had initially planned to head off to Austria for a week. But soon found myself looking further. I wanted snow, drama, colour, contrast and a wild landscape. And Austria just didn’t feel right for that. So Scotland it was!

APOL EP31 - Better Compositions in Slovenia

EP31 – Improve Your Photography Composition Techniques

In EP31 of Adventure Photography on Location I’m exploring famous Lake Bled in Slovenia and I share some of my favourite composition rules & tools with you and how I use them to improve my photography composition techniques.

APOL EP30 Feature Image

EP30 – Huskies and Minimalism in Lapland

In EP30 of Adventure Photography on Location I”m still in Lapland. We head off on a husky tour (coolest thing ever btw!) and then I try myself at arctic minimalism photography…

APOL EP29 Feature Image

EP29 – Photography in -24ºC in Lapland

In EP29 of Adventure Photography on Location, I’m in Lapland – Finland. I managed to sneak away from the family for a day or 2 and spend my Christmas in -24ºC getting some shots of the frozen landscapes.

EP28 APOL Chasing Winter Feature Image

EP28 – Chasing Winter

In EP28 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m off chasing winter and go to test out the long exposure capabilities of the Olympus E-M1 Mark II + 12-100mm f/4 IS PRO with a 4 second handheld shot!


EP27 – Little Switzerland in Luxembourg

In EP27 of Adventure Photography on Location I’m exploring the beautiful nature and rock formations in a place called Little Switzerland in Luxembourg aka Müllertal.

APOL episode Deadvlei

EP16 – Deadvlei

In EP16 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m at the oldest desert on the planet: the Namib Desert of Namibia. Join to on an adventure to Deadvlei.


EP15 – The Panorama Route

In EP15 of Adventure Photography On Location I continue my journey north through South Africa and follow the famous Panorama Route. On today’s menu: Epic views and raging waterfalls. Join me as I put the weather sealing of my camera to the extreme test.

EP14 - Adventure Photography On Location Feature Image - South Africa - The Gorge

EP14 – South Africa – The Gorge

In EP14 of Adventure Photography On Location I get my feet wet as I follow a river upstream and explore my way down into the cracks and canyons of the Drakensberg into a place called ‘The Gorge’.

EP13 Feature Image The Berg

EP13 – South Africa – The Berg

In EP13 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m climbing to the top of the worlds tallest cascading water in the Drakensberg – aka The Berg.

APOL EP12 Feature Image


EP12 of Adventure Photography On Location is a total fail… it’s not always perfect and what would an adventure be without occasionally failing, right?

APOL EP11 Feature Image

EP11 – South Africa – Cape Town

In EP11 of Adventure Photography On Location I climb the famous Lion’s Head mountain in Cape Town to capture the golden flares and sunrise light.

APOL EP10 Feature Image

EP10 – Kayaking A Drowned Forest

In EP10 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m taking you along on an overnight kayaking trip to Kangaroo Valley where we camp near a drowned forest.

APOL EP09 Feature Image

EP09 – Belmore Falls

In EP09 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m heading off-the-grid for a few days on a quest to capture the iconic Belmore Falls in the upper Kangaroo Valley in NSW Australia.

APOL EP08 Feature Image

EP08 – Blue Mountains: From Peak to Canyon

In Episode 08 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m exploring the the Blue Mountains of Australia. Capturing vast landscape images of the Hanging Rock as well as tropical canyons deep down in the valleys of the Mountains.

APOL EP07 Feature Image

EP07 – Kayaking The Glacier Lagoon

In EP07 I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of my favourite adventure photos of Iceland. The kayaking shot in the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland.

APOL EP06 Feature Image

EP06 – Chasing Autumn

In EP06 I’m chasing autumn as I take you along on a four day trip to the Eifel in Germany as we explore landscapes, castles and capture atmospheric autumn photos.

APOL EP05 Feature Image

EP05 – Aerial Photography Over Iceland

In Episode 05: I test my Aerial Photography skills as I fly over Iceland including a landing on top of a glacier and one next to steaming thermal springs. Including 10 aerial photography tips + a brand new Lightroom Preset Pack for download!

APOL EP04 Feature Image

EP04 – Between Continents

Follow along as I take you underwater between continents and snorkelling between the Eurasian and American tectonic plates in Silfra – Iceland.

APOL EP03 Feature Image

EP03 – Kayaking Into Sunset

In Episode 03 of Adventure Photography On Location I’m taking you along to the best sunset we’ve had so far in Iceland, as we go kayaking into sunset.

APOL EP02 Feature Image

EP02 – Chasing Waterfalls

Follow along as I explore 3 very different waterfalls and make the most of the rainy conditions we’ve been having in Iceland. I’ll be showing you how I use ultra wide angle lenses all the way to a 600mm lens to achieve my shots.

APOL EP01 Feature Image

EP01 – Hidden Canyon

So after many weeks and countless hours of preparation and thanks to the help of Olympus AU I’ve finally made it to Iceland. And in the very first episode of the new video series: Adventure Photography On Location I’m taking you along from Budapest to Iceland all the way into a canyon on the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in the far west of Iceland.