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Backpacking in French Polynesia

French Polynesia may not ring big bells in most people’s ears. Situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean halfway between Sydney and Los Angeles, not even a dot on the world map it’s quite a remote and exquisite location. And if you’re not a big sailor like captain Cook or a lucky retired person searching the oceans of the world for a place to anchor your boat you might never think of going to this tiny dot on the world map. But if you are…

The Birth Of A Prototype

Dust is blocking my nose and the smell of resin is creeping into my head. I’m watching a master at work: Corey Graham is deep inside his own world creating something new.

<< Ideas just sit with me for weeks, even months sometimes! I dream about them and if I don't bring them to life I won't stop dreaming about them. >>

I suddenly realise that I’m not only meeting a legend at work – but…