Deadmans & Winki Session

Today was a positive surprise!
Yesterday a crazy south wind whipped up some waves and in combination with a smaller ground swell and a surprising turn in the winds today was magic: Off-shore & glassy conditions with a solid 6-8ft swell from the south.

Not many places on the Northern Beaches of Sydney do well with a swell from the south, but if you look far enough you’ll find…

Dee Why Point Session

To finish off this weeks one-on-one workshop with 13 year old Josh we had a last, early session this morning at Dee Why point. And what a session it was! Josh spent the first 2 hours shooting before he had to leave to catch his flight then I took over and shot for another 2 hours. The tide dropped further and the conditions made for some heavy waves to surf (and swim in). All in all: Fun!