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Video: This Is Surfing

This short film is collection of my favorite clips that I have shot over the past several years. It is also a tribute to a era when you used to have to wait a few years for the latest surf film to come out. Campaign 2 was one of the lasts of it’s kind. Back when surfing used to be edgy and surf flicks got you incredibly amped to go out and charge your local surf break.
Hopefully this short film will do the same and to those who lived in that era, bring back some fond memories.

The Calm – Brian Bielmann

Probably one of the most legendary surf photographers of our time. What an inspiration – Cunningham did a great little short video on him here. ” I got a chance to go to the North Shore and spend a couple days with surf photographer, Brian Bielmann. At age 18 he packed his bags and, with…