For the past few years I couldn’t get enough of adventure and outdoor film festivals. Seeing these stories come to life from the craziest of ideas gave me shivers down my spine and ultimately inspired me to go out and tell a story of my own.


In 2017 I got the opportunity to do exactly that: plan, produce and direct my first adventure film, a story of four friends who set out to be the first to highline in the most unlikely of places: the Faroe Islands.


My dream soon became a reality when my film was selected to be screened at the Banff Mountain Film Festival and chosen for the Banff World Tour.
This year it will be screened around the world, hopefully passing on the inspiration that so many others have given me.


While seeing it on a big screen is the best experience, ultimately all I want is for as many people as possible to see it, which is why I have made the film easily and freely accessible to everyone.

However, if you do love the film and want to support me and see more of my work in the future, I’ve made it possible for you to contribute. Through the links below you can select whatever amount you feel appropriate & leave a short message. I’ll be forever grateful for your support, however much it might be, and I give you my word that it will go towards bringing epic adventure stories to life!

Chris Eyre-Walker Profile Picture
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