Abstract Ocean Art. Lines, curves, colours all produced by the sea and light of the sun.

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Brushed – shades of grey lines in motion towards shore


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Lick – The ocean showing it’s face in an endless amount of possibilities. This one reminds me of a tongue. What do you see?

Captured at South Curl Curl – NSW Australia.


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Lip – The perfect lip of a wave breaking and reflecting the sunset for a fraction of a moment.


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I believe that the true beauty of the ocean lies beneath the surface. As violent and dangerous as big waves may seem on the outside – as a surf and ocean photographer I usually find myself just on the edge of the raw power and chaos. It’s a surprisingly calm and peaceful spot to be in and feeling the motion of the water, diving through a big wave and watching it explode is the sensation that makes me come for more every time.

Purple Haze

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Purple Haze – Dark moody days with vibrant blue and purple hues.


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Silk – The perfect, smooth surface of a wave.

The Falls

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The Falls – the perfect, round lines a waves draws onto the surface of the ocean moments before it explodes into a white cloud of energy.


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The true face of a wave can be deceiving. Every wave is different and capturing the ocean’s characteristics can become a challenging task. This was captured on a crisp, beautiful winter’s day, blue skies and glaring sun – and yet there is nothing but violence going on in the ocean’s movements. It takes time and patience to capture the many facets of the ocean and sometimes it can send a very different message than the day may suggest.