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Blue Whites

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Blue Whites

Teahupoo doesn’t always look inviting… actually, sometimes it’s quite obviously telling you that it needs to be left in peace!

I captured this image in August 2015 during the Billabong Pro WSL surf competition.

Teahupoo is a really famous wave, known for it’s clarity and perfect shape and the volume of the actual wave breaking onto the deadly shallow reef. It’s a very dangerous wave and has taken quite a few lives over the years. It’s actually located in a very scenic spot, a 10 minute boat ride out from the very end of the road at Teahupoo. Once at the wave you can look back onto the famous green, tropical mountains of Tahiti iti – a very unforgettable scene! Probably my favourite spot in the world.

For this shot however the wave was anything but perfect. A howling off-shore wind, grey skies and a rough swell was producing a very different looking wave. One that you’d not want to find yourself in – unless you really have to. Just like the professional surfers had to during the Billabong Pro competition. It was mesmerising to watch this seemingly untamable wave being surfed by the world’s best surfers!

I spent over 5 hours out at the wave that day in an uncomfortably rocking little boat, protecting my camera equipment from the massive, salty sprays coming off the back of the wave and the pouring rain. This shot was a lot of work and I really tried to show the effort and struggle that went into this shot as well as the mood and climate of that particular day.

Location: Teahupoo – French Polynesia




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I believe that the true beauty of the ocean lies beneath the surface. As violent and dangerous as big waves may seem on the outside – as a surf and ocean photographer I usually find myself just on the edge of the raw power and chaos. It’s a surprisingly calm and peaceful spot to be in and feeling the motion of the water, diving through a big wave and watching it explode is the sensation that makes me come for more every time.


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The true face of a wave can be deceiving. Every wave is different and capturing the ocean’s characteristics can become a challenging task. This was captured on a crisp, beautiful winter’s day, blue skies and glaring sun – and yet there is nothing but violence going on in the ocean’s movements. It takes time and patience to capture the many facets of the ocean and sometimes it can send a very different message than the day may suggest.