Hi there! My name is Chris Eyre-Walker, I’m an adventure and travel photographer and videographer. In 2016 I joined the Olympus Visionary/Ambassador program.
I’m based in Sydney, Australia and spend more than 6 months each year on international adventure projects all around the world.

I constantly share my passion for photography and videography on my website, various social media platforms and YouTube channel.

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Whether you’re a new business looking to get exposure to an engaged adventurous audience or an established brand wanting beautiful photography, exposure or written content for your upcoming campaign, I would love to work with you.


Photography for your next campaign, social media channels, website, business or products. I’m your adventure, outdoor and travel photographer!
You can hire me for your project and I’ll work closely together with you to create unique, high quality content that meets your brief.


With a growing collection of educational & entertaining video episodes I have a close connection to my engaged audience. My fast growing YouTube channel offers great opportunities to reach out to a photography, travel and outdoor orientated audience.

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Do you have an exciting new product, service or brand you’d like to promote? I’m always keen to discover new products that I can use, review and show off on my platform. So, you think you have the right new thing for me? Let’s work together!

Brand Ambassadorships

I’m always looking to work closely with brands to develop long-term partnerships, especially for products I really believe in and am proud to recommend to my readers. Think that could be your business? I’d love to hear from you!

Image Licensing

Want to use my images for your next campaign, on your website or for your social media? You can license them!


Teaching my craft and encouraging people to pick up a camera and go on an adventure is one of my biggest passions. I’m always looking to branch out and host workshops in photography hotspots around the world.

Written Content

I’ve been published in numerous photography and travel magazines and online publications and love writing about my experiences as a photographer and adventurer.


I can cover a range of subjects about my experiences as an adventure photographer and discuss photography gear at intimate functions. I am available for a variety of presentations.


I cater to photographers (enthusiasts as well as pros) and adventurers who enjoy travel and the outdoors and have a passion for capturing the extreme.


18 – 25    25%

25 – 34    25%

35 – 45    20%


85%        Male

15%    Female


17%  USA   |   9%  UK

 9%  Germany      |   9%  Australia

5%  Japan          |   5%  Canada


My website and social media channels are constantly growing and my audience is active and engaged in my content. I always strive to keep an open and honest relationship with my audience.

Monthly Website Visitors
Social Media Fans

24k Subscribers

1.2m Total Views

35k Views / Month

1 new Video / Week



75k Impression / Week

10k Reach / Week


4.6k Page Likes

8k Reach / Week

5 new Posts / Week

Support, Publications and Collaborations October 2017

Want to work with me? Use the form below and tell me about your project, campaign or idea!


I choose only to work with businesses that align with my values and style of work and that of my audience. All experiences will be discussed openly and honestly and I expect full editorial control on all content published.