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Do you love photography?
Are you a keen photographer and want to explore new areas of photography? Have you ever wanted to learn about surf and ocean photography?
Do you want to improve your photography skills? Learn how to get the best out of your photos and how to grow your audience?
Sign up for a SurfLove Surf Photography Workshop!
Improve your photography skills or delve into a completely new form of photography by participating in a Surf and Ocean Photography Workshop with professional surf photographer Chris Eyre-Walker.
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The Surf Photography Workshop


  • control your camera

Learn everything there is to know about your camera before you take it into the water: what settings work best, how to prepare it for use in an underwater housing and much more.

  • make the most out of your equipment

Don’t have a professional camera? No problem! Nowadays even entry level cameras can be used to successfully capture the world around us. Chris will show you how to get the best out of your camera and push it to its limits.

  • capturing the ocean and surf from the water using a professional underwater housing

You will have the unique opportunity to shoot with a professional camera and underwater housing in the water. Chris will accompany you and give you tips on positioning, framing and safety in the surf.

  • hands on with professional surf photography equipment

Learn everything about using surf photography equipment by actually using it. Chris provides a range of lenses, camera bodies and underwater housings to learn with.

  • preparation and maintenance

Saltwater and sand are an aggressive force of nature that will destroy your gear in no time. Learn how to prepare your gear before you take it into the ocean and maintain it after a session to make it last.

  • guided shoot sessions in the water

Chris swims alongside you and gives you instant feedback as you shoot. Learning by doing is the motto. Learn what lens and port work best for the type of shot you are trying to achieve.

  • guided shoot sessions on land

Shoot waves and surf from land and learn all about composition, lens choice and get your hands on professional super tele photo lenses.

  • effective editing workflows & publishing

After each session in the water Chris will teach you the most effective workflow to sort through your photos and the best way to get your photos published on social media, magazines, websites, print etc.
Learn how to manage, back up & post process your images in Adobe Lightroom and Photo Mechanic (on Apple Mac).

About Chris
Chris Eyre-Walker

Chris is a self taught photographer, who bought his first camera at the age of 16. At 21 his hobby became a career. He started capturing the surf and ocean and has since been published in numerous websites, magazines and publications. He has established an ongoing business relationship with Olympus Australia and continues to work closely together with professionals and brands.


Aaron B.

Chris has been so generous with his experience and advice. As a fellow photographer, I was looking for some genuine impressions on an Olympus camera (the E-M1) and not only did he meet with me to show me the camera, but he took me out in the water to test the underwater housing as well! His knowledge and instruction was spot on, and I continue to reach out to Chris to this day.

Sarah E.

Chris has set up an amazing program that introduces and supports the essential foundations of surf photography. The workshops are highly interactive, well-structured and focus on getting the most out of your camera. Through his own personal experiences, Chris has developed a wealth of photography knowledge that he passes on to students through his workshops. He has been a dedicated, responsible and patient mentor for my son, Spencer. I am amazed at how much Spencer has improved his photography skills and developed his own unique style over the duration of the lessons.

Spencer E.

Signing up for workshops with Chris was one of the best decisions I have ever made – I used to shoot and hope for the best, now I have the technical knowledge to frame and structure my shot as well as edit my photos to convey inspiring surf photography.

Kate Z.

Chris was most helpful and informative when I spent some time with him. He was very knowledgeable and most friendly and could not have been more helpful in assisting me with advice on gear and some technical aspects of shooting.

I would not hesitate to recommend Chris’ workshops to anyone looking to improve their photography skills; or to gain an understanding or assistance with the sometimes tricky business of photo editing and the like.

A bonus is his generous spirit and can do attitude. I was incredibly grateful for the assistance I received from Chris.

Josh C.

This workshop is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I learnt so much and every little detail that is crucial in photography to get the right shot. I have always wanted to get in the water with my camera and this workshop is the no. 1 opportunity. I was taught all the camera setting and how it actually works and also how to set the housing up and how to keep water from destroying a very expensive gear. I recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in surf photography.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the workshop held at?

The workshop is held on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

How much experience is required?

A basic understanding of cameras is helpful, but not necessary. The workshop will be tailored to your level.

What equipment should I bring?

Please bring all of your camera and editing equipment.

How do I get to the workshop?

It’s recommended that you stay in Manly and Chris will meet you every morning at the beach. Depending on the surf conditions we provide transport to get to a different beach/location.

Are meals / drinks included?

Unfortunately no meals or drinks are included.

Do I need an underwater housing?

No. An underwater housing is not required. However if you own one please do bring it along.
For an additional cost Chris can organise the hire of a housing for Canon and Nikon cameras. Please contact Chris for further details.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is 13. (accompanied by a parent)

Enquire Now

2 Day Workshop



±15 hours of one-on-one workshop

3 Day Workshop



±20 hours of one-on-one workshop

*all prices are in Australian Dollars and subject to change at any time. Accommodation is not included.

Please contact Chris using the form below and mention which workshop you are interested in (the 2 or 3 day option). He will be in touch within 24 hours.


Workshops are one-on-one only and tailored to your skill, level and needs. The workshops will vary for each participant.