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Photographer Workshop with Chris Eyre-Walker Photography.

Photographer Workshop – Sydney 09/07/17


This is a workshop by a photographer, for photographers.

Learn about everything that you need to know before and after pushing those camera buttons. From project planning to selling your work. In this workshop I’m sharing my complete workflow – from start to end.

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9th of July 2017


Sydney – Australia
(Sunstudios – Alexandria)


This is a workshop by a photographer for photographers. Learn everything you wanted to know about photography business. The things that happen before and after you push those camera buttons. Do you want to take your passion to the next level and be inspired and guided to make a career of it? Limited to 15 people

Namibia Photo Workshop with Chris Eyre-Walker
Namibia Workshop


Early 2018




A complete 10 day photography road trip through Namibia including the main hotspots and me as your personal mentor. The group will be no larger than 10 people. We will be capturing landscape, adventure as well as wildlife photography. The trip of a lifetime!

About The Workshops

I love photography and I love sharing and passing on my passion for it!

To me there is nothing better then the feeling I get when capturing the right place at the right time. I love planning, preparing, getting out there, capturing and enjoying the golden light all the way editing the final image to sharing it with the world. That entire process is what photography is all about and I’d love to teach you all about it.

From one-on-one workshops to on location workshops with bigger groups – every workshops is different and tailored to the needs of the students and go beyond talking gear and technology. It’s about the passion for the subject and the art of creating something beautiful and meaningful.

Northern Iceland
Eltz Castle
What You Can Learn

I believe in sharing everything and being totally transparent. On my workshops you’ll learn all about what I do as a photographer and how I do it. No secrets.

This might be on a short 2 hour workshop all the way to a multi day workshop on location. I’ll show you the tools and visual skills you need to achieve the photograph you’re after and help you with any questions or aspects of photography you are seeking advice with.
From basics to advanced. there’s no limit as to what we can cover and discuss.

Anyone can join! All age groups, all levels of photography.
The workshops are adapted and catered to each individual so everyone gets the most out of the them.

Yosemite Roadtrip
Northern Iceland
Faroe Islands
Topics Usually Covered
  • photography basics – shooting in manual mode

  • from concept to photo

  • composition rules and techniques

  • lens and filter choice

  • photo management / post processing workflow

  • photo editing

  • backups

  • photography as a business

About Me

I’m self taught.
I’m an adventure, outdoor and travel photographer & Olympus Visionary.
I bought my first camera at the age of 16. At 21 my hobby became a career.
I started capturing the surf and ocean and have been published in numerous websites, magazines and publications and continue to expand my work to travel, landscape and adventure photography and videography.

I believe anyone can do this!

Kalsoy Lighthouse
Pricing and Options

One-on-One Private Workshops

Totally customised workshop catering to your needs and requests.
In general I charge $100 / hr for a customised one-on-one workshop.

Contact Me if you’d like to discuss a private workshop with me.


1-Day Workshop

My custom 1-day workshops on location with a focus on getting results.
These are either package deals for groups I offer all around the world or can be custom tailored to your liking. Up to 8 people per workshop. You can find Dates and Locations here soon.


Multi Day Workshops

I’m currently working on these. Please check back for new workshop dates in 2017 and 2018.

WHAT: multi day workshops on locations (multiple locations) including travel, accommodation and adventure.
: TBC.