Best Of 2016

My favourite images of 2016. Without further words I’d like to share my best of 2016. A personal selection of 30 images from over 30,000 images captured in 2016.


Adventure Photography On Location is a new video series where I take you along with me on photography adventures all around the world.
Photography doesn’t always go according to plan, and images aren’t always perfect. This is my honest and open behind the scenes look into what I do as an adventure, outdoor and travel photographer.

Join me as I show you how I capture the images and what kind of work goes into them behind the camera.

Take control and learn everything about shooting surf, waves and underwater by participating in one of my Workshops!

Surf Photography Workshops

The place to buy my work. It’s filled with a constantly updated collection of my favourite work from the past years. With a selection of Surf, Waves, Underwater, Abstract Ocean, Travel and Landscapes from all around the world.


I’m constantly working with brands and companies and try to represent and collaborate with the brands and the products in believe in as an adventure, outdoor and travel photographer. Some of my supporting brands include:

Olympus Support for Chris Eyre-Walker
LEE Filters Support for Chris Eyre-Walker
Lexar Support for Chris Eyre-Walker
Røde Support for Chris Eyre-Walker