Captured by Ashley Joanna Photography

Chris Eyre-Walker is a 33-year-old adventure and travel photographer & filmmaker from Belgium. He’s a passionate traveller and his work spans from underwater surf photography to the adventures of extreme sports athletes high up in the mountains.


Chris was fortunate enough to travel the world as a child. His parents loved travelling and took him with them to an exotic location each year.

By the time he was 15 years old, he had travelled to over 20 countries in the world. Ranging from Wildlife Safaris in Tanzania all the way to cycling down the coast of Thailand. Always accompanied by a camera. He loved taking pictures, but never considered it as anything more than a hobby.

At the age of 17, he finished his secondary degree in Maths, Sciences and Languages in the Athenée Royal of St. Vith.

Unsure of what studies he wanted to choose at the age of 18, Chris decided to join the Belgian Army. He spent the next 3 years in an elite military unit: Para Commando. Being fit, ready and always prepared was part of his job and he enjoyed the physical and mental challenge this training and job demanded.
In his free time, he started showing interest in photography and spent weekends photographing anything he could put in front of his camera.

He saved up all his money and quit his position in the army and left behind his life in Belgium to travel around the world in 2011-2012 with his best childhood friend Frederic. This is where he understood that he wanted to combine his determination and readiness for a challenge and his passion for travel.

He discovered that photography was the perfect job and that his existing knowledge and newfound passion could offer him this opportunity.

At the age of 23, he moved to Sydney – Australia. 

He started off as a product photographer – not knowing a thing about studio photography – and through his love for a challenge learnt the ropes of the job and helped build the most successful product photography business in Australia – SKUvantage.

During his free time in Sydney, he invested in camera gear and underwater housings and found a passion for capturing surfers and the ocean. He started his first website: SurfLove on which he sold digital downloads and prints of and to local surfers.

In 2014 he picked up his first Olympus camera. The Olympus OM-D E-M1 and was one of the first photographers to use this camera to capture surf. He soon built a relationship with Olympus Australia / OMDS which eventually led to him becoming an OM System Ambassador. 

In 2015 Chris decided to go travelling again. Chris had the opportunity to intern for surf and landscape photographer Chris Burkard which led him to move to California for 3 months. Chris had always been inspired by Burkard’s surf photography and yet again was inspired by Burkard’s more recent outdoor and adventure photography and started expanding his portfolio in a similar direction.

2016 Chris continued travelling and expanding his work further. Now officially an Olympus Visionary his travels were partially supported. Allowing him to travel for over 15 months and tackle ever more exciting projects in various parts of the world. Nicaragua, Cuba, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Alps were some of the destinations he explored and captured before returning back to Sydney towards the end of 2016.

In 2017 Chris was determined to continue his photographic work and expand his skillset towards more videography and the creation of adventure films.
With a trip to South Africa and Namibia, he challenged himself into new territory working on his new video series Adventure Photography On Location.

Furthermore, he completed his first adventure film, a highlining film in the Faroe Islands, which was selected as a finalist at the Banff Mountain Film Festival in October 2017 and will be touring the world all over 2018. He also attempted to climb Peak Lenin (7134m) and created a series of episodes of his adventures for his growing YouTube Channel.

In the following years, Chris continued to grow as a cinematographer working on bigger commercial projects for Wilderness Safaris, producing short pieces in Botswana, Rwanda, South Africa and Nambia for the leading luxury safari company.
He also produced, shot and edited the materials on display for Olympus/ OM System at Photokina 2018. Travelling all over Europe to document various OM System Ambassadors in their respective fields of photography.

In 2018 he shot the Olympus E-M1X campaign in the desert of Morrocco, capturing action photographer Fernando Marmolejo. Chris also held several adventure photography workshops. Teaching photography and storytelling in the Faroe Islands, Norway and Tajikistan.

In 2019, he moved back to his home area in Belgium and created a new base. Working on local campaigns, like the Venntrilogie – a new hiking trail, as well as international projects and more narrative work.

In 2022, he was selected as one of 5 photographers for the OM System OM-1 global camera launch campaign. Representing the outdoor and adventure aspect of the new camera.

Chris continues to work globally as an ambassador for OM System Cameras and as a cinematographer and producer behind narrative and commercial work all over the world.